The Secretary

Shri CA Munusamy A.K

I whole-heartedly congratulate all students for a very efficacious and an exciting career. Our voyage of providing world–class education was sparked by the most reputable  Dr.K.P.Ramasamy, Chairman, KPR Group, Coimbatore. In fast running technological world, our vision was to fulfil the dream of youngsters who have expanding the horizon to other realms. We raise the spirits our students to not only have a great academic career but also enhance participation in extracurricular accomplishments and sports. Our whole energy has gone towards constructing our academic erection not just chastely educational, but value–added, fulfilling and elevating skills.

In KPRCAS, we have always felt that it is our responsibility to create responsible and eminence students and have had a vision to produce graduates who can make a metamorphosis to the ecosphere around them. Through veteran faculty members, abundant infrastructure and an effective teaching system,

We have been providing the very finest platform for our students to build their behaviors and bring up a lengthy list of academic and extracurricular triumphs. I’m sure that with all the input given to the students by the skilled and knowledgeable faculty at KPRCAS, pooled with first-rate infrastructure, the students will make to be great belongings to any organization.

On behalf of the entire management, I assure all the students and well-wishers that infrastructure, academic environment, human resources, professional teaching skills and learning process will be maintained with your active participation, and this institute will continue to progress the same in coming years too. I hereby implore all the members of faculty of the college to follow a path of offering ethically oriented and socially relevant education so as to play a pivotal role in creating and disseminating knowledge, educating highly skilled workforce for technological and intellectual leadership thereby enhancing competitiveness of societies in the emerging knowledge economy.

I’m proud to be the Secretary of such an outstanding KPRCAS family, whose core commitments to interdisciplinary, experiential learning, integration with the legal community, diversity, and community which define our past, shape our present, and guide our future.