Career Development Centre (CDC) at KPRCAS aims at empowering the students to achieve their career goals by providing comprehensive training sessions through collaborative and innovative practices. It has been designed to meet students as professional figures in the multinational companies. It is a practical platform where they can enhance their employability skills to shine with their industrial learning competency. It stands for demonstrating them the career readiness of corporate working culture with industrial values. It acts as a bridge between the industrial minds and the young minds with highly trained potentiality. Prime motto of CDC is to prepare all career aspirants to acquire their unique professionalism by giving them experiential learning opportunities.



  • To develop National and International job opportunities for business outlook.
  • To create the students globally employable and ready hands to the corporate world.
  • To strengthen Industry- Institution relationship with business strategies.
  • To make students as highly professional figures in the global Industries.


  • To provide training classes through continuous training modules.
  • To counsel the students to improve their career exposure across the global.
  • To approach top multinational companies to meet out campus recruitment.
  • To enhance student’s interests towards Industrial and entrepreneurship aspirations.

Top Recruiters

Training Strategies of CDC

  • Planning, Screening, Implementing and Evaluating and analyzing the potentiality of the students to crack the interviews effortlessly every month.
  • Adapting to new technologies and methodologies in learning.
  • Guiding them to identity their personal growth of every student with outcome basis.
  • Counselling the students to analyze their professional development with their self-evaluation reports.


  • Certified Trainers for Soft Skills, Verbal English and Computer Languages
  • Above 250 Training Hours to inculcate them jobs skills.
  • Weekly Placement Talk to improve Public Speaking Skill.
  • Specialized Learning Tools for Learning, Practicing, Testing.
  • Training Certification for Communication Skills, Computer Languages Skills and Domain Based Skills.
  • Conducting Corporate Interviews.
  • Organizing Corporate Collaboration with MNCs.
  • Providing Internship and Job Opportunities to third year.
  • Conducting Weekly Interactive Sessions with HR and Students.

Placement Officer

P.Anand Prabu


[email protected]

Aptitude Trainer

S. P. Niithin

[email protected]


Placement Trainer

Ms. S. Keerthiga Devi

[email protected]

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