Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the popular three years Bachelor degree programs for students who wish to make their career in the field of business management that involves functional areas such as Finance, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource Management and Information technology. BBA course offers knowledge and training in management and impart leadership skills to prepare them for managerial roles and to become future entrepreneurs.


To nurture a spirit of continued business learning and strive for Excellence in the field of business education and imbibe our students with world class management culture.


  • To engage students in real word problem solving techniques.
  • To leverage their potential by creating an ecosystem that instills critical thinking and analytical mind set.
  • To develop leaders of competencies in a rapidly changing business environment.
  • Fundamental concepts underlying accounting, finance, management, marketing, auditing, and economics.
  • To construct the financial statements of the company, restructure of capital structure and calibrate the procedure involved in amalgamation and absorption.
  • The concept of cost, and elements of cost and prepare the cost statement.
  • To apply quantitative skills to help analyze and solve business problems by applying various tools and to take advantage of business opportunities.
  • The basics of the internet, able to understand the use of office applications and accounting software.
  • Learn and understand the essential provisions of the Indian Contract Act, Partnership Act, and Industrial law.
  • Concept of auditing, and acquire knowledge about vouching transactions, verifications of assets, and liabilities.
  • The various provisions relating to income tax, understand the basic concept of IT Act and compute the income and tax of an individual assesses.
  • To demonstrate written communication skills appropriate for business situations and develop awareness regarding new trends in business communication.
  • To apply the knowledge in mathematics in solving business problems.
  • To use statistical, graphical, and algebraic techniques wherever relevant and understand statistical applications in economics and management.
  • To quip with necessary soft skills to enhance competitive edge in the job market.

CA / CMA / CSEET Foundation Achievers

CA Foundation Achievers

  1. Yuthika. A. J I B. Com (PA) ‘B’, June 2021.
  2. Dhivya Dharshiny. N. D. II B. Com PA, December 2021.

CMA Foundation Achievers:

  1. Karthick Lakshmanan. G  I. B. Com (PA) ‘A’, December 2021.
  2. Vignesh Ram G, I. B. Com (PA) ‘B’, December 2021.

CSEET Foundation Achievers

  1. Ragavendar. S II B.Com PA , January 2021.
  2. Kowsalya. S II B. Com PA, July 2021.
  3. Shamruthee. S. S II B. Com PA, November 2021.
  4. Keerthana. S II B. Com PA, November 2021.
  5. Kavyashree S S, I. B. Com (PA) ‘A’ , January 2022.
  6. Ragavarshinee. R, I. B. Com (PA) ‘B’, January 2022.
  7. Shyam Sundar. R. P, I. B. Com (PA) ‘B’, January 2022.
  8. Gowtham. S, II B. Com (PA), January 2022.
S.No Name Achievements Conducted by
1. KTA Madhava Prasad TNCA U-19 Inter-District Cricket
2. Arun S, Mohanapriyan, Sadasivan B-Zone Winners in Kabadi Bharathiar University
3. Ishwarya Lakshmi Women’s Under-19 T20 Cricket Team Chennai
S.No Date Name of the Event Resource Peron
1. 19/09/2022 “ICT Skills” – Digital Marketing- A garage to redefine your I.T thoughts Mr. Kaviraj, LeadPro, Coimbatore
2. 13/10/2022 Career guidance programme “Crack the hard nut-Competitive exams Mr. K. Ganesh, Retired IAF Officer, Coimbatore
3. 26/09/2022 Orientation for Google certification course on Digital Marketing Mr. Prakash, White Brother Technologies, Coimbatore
4. 24/09/2022 “Life skill development” –Yoga teaches to embrace mind for wisdom Mrs. Deepa, Chief Coach & Founder, Swastik Yoga Centre
5. 14/09/2022 A Soft skill development program on “Essential soft skills for Students” Mr. Raj Nimlesh, Trainer, Carpe Diem Skills Academy
6. 12/08/2022 Transformation of Agri-Business as E-Commerce platform Mr. Selvakumar, Founder of Vilfresh, Coimbatore
7. 01/08/2022 Learning trends in transformation Dr. S. Narasimhan, Principal Consultant, The Lyceum, Coimbatore
8. 29/07/2022 Lean Start-up and minimum viable product – mentoring session Mr. Prabhakaran Kuralnidhi, COBAX India
S.No Faculty Name Type  of Publications Journal / Conference Details Title Indexing
1. Dr J Samuel Book LAMBERT Academic publishing Marketing management in Tourism and Hospitality for a century 978-620-5-49348-9
2. Dr J Samuel Book Navanila Maruthi publication Managerial Economics ISBN : 978-81-951871-4-0
3. Dr J Samuel Patent Patent Analysis of Fluctuations in the Share Price of Equities and Investment Portfolio Management
4. Dr R Naveen Kumar Book LAMBERT Academic publishing Marketing management in Tourism and Hospitality for a century 978-620-5-49348-9
5. Dr R Naveen Kumar Research Book LAMBERT Academic publishing Thesis Dissertation 978-620-5-49348-9