Vibrant Clubs of KPRCAS

Fine Arts

KPRCAS runs a fine arts club to encourage the cultural talents which includes dancing, singing, mimicry, etc.

The club was inaugurated by Kovai Ashok mimicry Artist on 16.08.19


Apart learning this club is started to enhance the cooking skills, eating behavior among the students. The create awareness on the good eating habit will lead to healthy life. The club conducts food festivals and imparts knowledge on different varieties traditional foods.


This club is started to impart various dimension of taking photographs. The club is responsible to save the memories of the events which is taking place in college premises

Fantasy Literary Club

This club was framed to develop the English learning out of interest which will enhance their writing and speaking skills.


The club was inaugurated by Mr.M.Karunamoorthi on 06.08.19 English Oratory – “Can you live without English” was organized on 13.09.2019.

  • Hema, Head of the Department, Department of English, KPRIET was the Chief Guest for the program.
  • English Literary Club– Fantasy organized a Guest Lecture on “English Speaking Savoir – Faire” on 29th February 2020. The Resource Person was Captain Dr. V. Neelakandan, Associate Professor of English, Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore.

Art of Public Speaking

The club has been formed exclusively for the students to provide a platform to explore various speaking abilities, pronouncation and Writing, Elocution, Poem Recitation and Role-playing. It enables the students bring out their hidden talents and to participate and win prizes in intra and intercollegiate literary competitions.

Paintamizh Mandrum

This mandram was framed to deepen the students’ Tamil conversation and writing skills. The Paintamizh Mandram registered students meet regularly and competition are held frequently. The competitions like poetry writing, book review, drama, Tamil oratory, etc.


  • The Mandram was inaugurated on 23.07.19 by Mr. C. Subramanian, Tamil Debate Speaker, Udumalpet.
  • Annual Day was conducted on 13th March 2020and the annual magazine “KPRCAS’s Reflection 2020” was released in the function.

Entrepreneurship Development (ED) Club

The EDC was started to of promoting Entrepreneurship as a career option for students. The club enhances to create entrepreneurs who steer the new technologies. The club promotes job makers than job seekers. The clubs in regular intervals bring CEOs of different fields in to the campus they share their success stories to the students.

Innovative club

The club is framed to encourage the students’ outbox thinking which make them to explore and innovate new products in all the fields.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Club

This club imparts knowledge on intellectual proprietary rights. its teaches the role of copyrights, patent and trade marks.

Finance club

This club inculcates the saving habits and investing pattern among the students. This club gives whole heart ideas to invest their money in various portfolios

Consumer Awareness Club

The club educate the consumer awareness regarding the rights of the consumers, consumer protection acts etc. the club gives the strategies to protect the consumers.

Coding &Programming Club

Programming Club is initiated to create innovative coding and programs .It aids students in coding, algorithmic programming, app development, web designing and software development based on logical and international needs.

Qwizards Club

This club was initiated to conduct various quiz programmes including business quiz, technical quiz, science quiz, etc. The club is responsible for conducting various levels of quiz programmes for schools and college students


A National Level Quiz Competition for School Students “Qwizards 2k19” was organized on 26.07.19. This quiz was conducted by Dr. M. Rangarajan, Corporate Trainer and Quiz Master, Coimbatore. Nearly 392 school students from various schools participated.

Press and Media

This clubs acts a tool for publicizing the college activities to the outsiders and elevate the image in minds of public. The club is responsible for pre-release and post –release, giving news to the media about the events taking place in the college. The clubs extends its publicity through social Medias. The club maintains a cordial relationship among press and media people.


The club is framed to strengthen the sports activities of the college built sports teams. The club is responsible to send students for university trials.


  • Department of Physical Education has conducted Ten thousand (10,000)steps in association with Fit India Movement on 29.08.2019.
  • KPRCAS and Bharathiar University jointly organized a Zonal level Women’s Football Tournament which was held at KPRCAS ground from 03.09.2019 to 04.09.2019, this tournament was exclusive organized for Bharathiar University affiliated Colleges. Totally 16 colleges from Ooty, Erode, Tiruppur and Coimbatore participated. The match was won by Kongu Arts and Science.
  • KPRCAS and Bharathiar University jointly organized Bharathiar University Zonal level Men’s Volleyball Tournament was held at KPRCAS ground from 25.09.2019 to 26.09.2019. 12 colleges participated.
  • KPRCAS and Bharathiar University jointly organized Bharathiar University Women’s Badminton Tournament which was conducted at KPRCAS ground from 30.09.2019 to 01. 10..2019.
  • KPRCAS Bharathiar University jointly organized Bharathiar University Men’s Volleyball Tournament- A zone which was held at KPRCAS ground from 16.10.2019 to 17.10.2019. 19 colleges participated and won prizes.
  • KPRCAS and Coimbatore Sahodaya Schools in associations with Navabharth National School conducted “CBSE Cluster VI Athletic Meet 2019-2020 on 16.09.2019.
  • District Level volley ball for under 19 was conducted at KPRCAS ground on 06.11.2019 school        students from various schools Participated and won prizes
  • Department of Physical Education and School Games Federation of India organized Tennikoit and Carom Selection Trials for school Students on 15.09.2019 at KPR Sports Complex.
  • Department of Physical Education and Tamilnadu Rollers Skating Association organized Skating Competition on 14.09.2019 and 15.09.2019 at KPR complex.
  • Department of Physical Education in association with Coimbatore Revenue District celebrated Bharathiyar day/ Republic Day as part of that sports events were conducted from 4.11.2019.
  • KPRCAS organized 6th edition of Mini Marathon 2019. The Chief Guest was Tamil Talaivas Mr. Ajithkumar more than 6000 participants participated and the prize was distributed by the chief guest.
  • KRPCAS in association with Tamilnadu Kyokushin Karate Association organised Karate Winter Training Camp for School Students from 25.12.2019 to 28.12.2019 around 175 Students from 4 Districts participated and
  • The Annual Sports Meet was conducted on 12th March 2020

Yoga & meditation

The mission of the club is to provide a safe and light-hearted space for students to de-stress and empower themselves through the practice of yoga. To educated the students about the importance of yoga and mediation. To emphasis on the stress free environment which makes learn better.

Eco & Nature Club

The mission of the club is to educate the members regarding social and environmental responsibilities. The club creates awareness about ecology and to persuade interest in the nature among the members. The members are engaged in plantation of sapling, waste management sanitation etc.

Red ribbon

To motivate youth and build their capacity as peer educators and change agents by developing their skills in leadership, negotiation and team building to eradicate AIDS and drugs consumption by conducting rally, gender equality related programs, Gender socialization events etc are also conducted.

Youth Red Cross (YRC)

The YRC motto

Youth Red Cross Unit members are the builders of the Nation who take part in bringing the very MOTTO of Red Cross, that is, “SERVICE TO SOCIETY”


This club develops the leadership skills among the students. Its creates young leaders to society who will take the environment in a correct path.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

The vision is to build the youth with the mind and spirit to serve the society and work for the social uplift of the down-trodden masses of our nation as a movement.
The National Service Scheme has been functioning with the motto “NOT ME BUT YOU” in view of making the youth inspired in service of the people and hence NSS Aims Education through Community Service and Community Service through Education.

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

The NCC aims at developing character, comradeship, discipline, a secular outlook, the spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service amongst young citizens. Its motto is ‘Unity and Discipline’.